CTO-as-a Service

The basic definition says that Fractional CTO, or “Chief Technology Officer-as-a service” is typically a role where an experienced technology executive provides strategic and technical leadership to companies on a temporary or part-time basis. Such a definition applies here in full, but additionally extended with, among others:

  • Technical Expertise
  • Team Management and Mentoring
  • Budget and Resource Management
  • Crisis Management and Problem Solving
  • Security and Compliance
  • Vendor and Partner Management

Technical Expertise

Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and industry trends. I can help you evaluate and recommend technology solutions and tools, and advise you on methodologies and best practices.

Team Management and Mentoring

This is a broad subset of functional tasks CTO should perform with your team:

Oversee and mentor the internal technology team. Recruit and train technical talent as needed. Foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Collaborate with product managers and development teams to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of technology projects. Prioritise development efforts and manage project timelines. Monitor and assess project risks and performance…and oh so many more.

Budget and Resource Management

Every CTO needs to manage the technology budget and allocate resources effectively. By doing that, CTO should optimise technology spending while ensuring high performance and security.

Crisis Management and Problem Solving

Trust me, all companies every once in a while face the crisis situation. More often than not it is connected with technology. CTO should help you adequately respond to technology-related crises and incidents. During the peaceful times, disaster recovery and business continuity plans should be developed and implemented, too.

Security and Compliance

CTO needs to ensure that the organisation’s technology infrastructure is secure and compliant with relevant regulations and standards, especially if you are coming from regulated industry like banking or fintech. Implementing cybersecurity best practices to protect the company’s data and systems, and performing regularly the penetration and intrusion detection tests need to enter the company bloodstream.

Vendor and Partner Management

CFO would love you if you stayed within the budget. That is why evaluating and selecting proper third-party vendors and technology partners is of utmost importance. To do that, CTO should negotiate contracts and maintain adequate relationships with technology suppliers.

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