Strategy & Planning

You can build a website, launch a media campaign and brag with the most appealing mobile app design, but without a strategy, you might as well stay home and watch TV. Why? Because everything we do should be based on strategy, and digital environment is not an exception. What we need are goals, objectives and a plan. With strategy you will know where your company is going and what choices you are going to make to get there.

We do:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital transformation strategy

Digital marketing strategy

How to develop a strategy? It’s best to start with research. We can help you understand your market and competitors, we can evaluate your current performance and we can make recommendations on how to achieve best results. In other word, we can help you think strategically!

Content strategy

It’s not all about looks and design. There is also something about content. Every organization with a website, blog or just a Facebook page should have clearly defined content strategy. Our recommendation is – be clear and concise in your message, but at the same time make it reflect the spirit and values of your organization. Be sure to define your content strategy before you start presenting yourself to the world.

Social media strategy

Social media isn’t just about sharing cute animal photos, it’s also a way of communicating and reaching out to your customers and audience. Whatever your goal is, having a clear idea of how you want to engage people on (let’s say) Facebook is important, as this will set your agenda for how you post and ultimately how you measure the effectiveness of your Facebook page.

Digital transformation strategy

You customers want to communicate, to get personalized content, timely help and the best possible experience when using your product or service. In order to provide this, your company needs to be present on the Internet, because this is where the customers want to be engaged now.

We will conduct an analysis of your digital maturity and give you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your processes. We will also give you recommendations for action, structure the optimization potentials, and develop an action plan.

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Strategy & Planning

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