As your consultant of choice in the field of payments technology, I can provide you with expert advice, guidance, and services related to various aspects of payment systems, financial technology, and electronic transactions.

My primary role is to help businesses from various industries, organisations regardless of their size, or individuals navigate the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of payment technology to improve understanding, efficiency, security or compliance.

My team can perform the following services:

  • Analysis and Assessment
  • Security and Compliance
  • Innovation and Emerging Trends
  • …and many, many more

Analysis and Assessment

We will conduct in-depth analysis of your existing payment infrastructure, systems, and processes to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Security and Compliance

We can advise you on and help implementing security measures and compliance procedures to protect sensitive payment data, such as PCI DSS, ISO27001 etc.

Innovation and Emerging Trends

Stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in payments technology, such as mobile payments, blockchain, and digital wallets. We will help you to keep track and adapt to these changes.


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