Strategic planning

Before my journey into digital, I was personally involved in creating and establishing Booksa. Booksa was planned as a book cafe, but with time it has become much more than that.

We launched it in 2004. when everything was still more about print, off-line and physical, but not for long… The Internet and digital tools soon helped us make it a well-known place with regular, devoted and engaged audience.

Today, when I look back at what we’ve achieved and how, I realize that we’d somehow used and mixed all the right ingredients needed for a successful project.

Here is a list of things that we’ve done that can be of help in planning and executing any project:

  1. We had a clear mission and vision of what we wanted to become (a relevant place for literature and, what we called, critical thinking),
  2. We set the plan and objectives according to our mission and vision,
  3. We were careful with choosing the name, symbol and design of the place (which were all in line with our mission and vision),
  4. We had a clear understanding of our audience (in marketing language: we had clearly defined customer personas),
  5. We carefully chose our channels of communication and used them continuously to reach our audience (Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Web site),
  6. We defined our tone of communication and we were consistent with our story and presentation,
  7. We were authentic and we restrained from false claims and promises we knew we couldn’t keep,
  8. We listened to our audience and collaborated with them, letting them to co-create our program,
  9. By listening and responding to our audience’s needs we created loyalty and trust,
  10. By allowing collaboration and co-creation we developed a distinguished product/program/content which differentiated us from our competition.

Booksa is located in Martićeva 14d in Zagreb, so be sure to visit. 🙂


on October 1st, 2015 in Cases