Sound logo

One would say that there is nothing complicated in creating a 2-3 seconds audio. What’s that compared to the whole song? But it’s not quite so.

After completing a redesign process for a client, we were asked to do the sound logo as well.

A sound logo is a short distinctive melody (or other sequence of sound), mostly positioned at the beginning or ending of a commercial. Since it is the acoustic equivalent of a visual logo, our starting point was this:



The same as visual, audio logo can tell you a lot about the brand – mostly about the feelings it wants to convey. It can be romantic and sensual, family-friendly and casual or indulgent and luxurious… Our idea was to go with optimism, energy and happiness.

There are usually few steps involved in creating a sound logo:

  1. The strategy development phase, where we confirm the brand essence and other foundational elements,
  2. The touch point analysis phase, where we identify all places the brand will come in contact with customers and other stakeholders,
  3. The concept phase, where we define texture, rhythm, melody, harmony, and instrumentation that best convey the brand values,
  4. The test and refine phase, where we combine the sound elements to ensure that they communicate essence, values, and promise of the brand.

Once we had agreed on the melody and the music, we needed to do the animation. Different versions of our visual logo implied the movement of the dot and its jumping and drawing of the red line.

Again, we wanted it to be dynamic and fun.

This is the final result:

The sound was designed by Tin Ostreš and the animation was made by Dražen Željković.

Thank you guys for the great cooperation!


If you need your own sound logo, give us a call.


on November 5th, 2015 in Cases