One page website

Once you have decided that you need a website to showcase your business, there is another ‘small’ decision to deal with: whether to choose a single-page or multi-page website? The decision will depend and rely on many factors, but, mainly, it will depend on what you offer and how much information you need to get across. If you have a small amount of products or services to offer, then a single-page website might be the right choice.

Here are a few advantages of single-page websites:

Everything in one place

By condensing all of the most important information onto one page, you may be able to retain the interest of your visitors more easily than if your website was made up of multiple pages.

Better storytelling

You can control the order in which users consume the information. On traditional websites, users can click back and forth between pages and this can lead to a disjointed user journey. Also, scrolling creates the perception that you are actually reading a story.

Easier navigation

Scrolling is much more natural movement for users than clicking, since we are more used to it (just think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and the likes).

Ideal for mobile usage

Users have to simply scroll through a site without clicking around on a small screen to find the information they need.

Quicker and cheaper

One page websites are often much cheaper than traditional layouts.

So, without numerous offerings or plenty of content, we would suggest you save time and money with one-page website. But, one-page websites are not right for every business and you don’t want to make that decision without the help of digital marketing experts, so feel free to contact us for advice and help.




on April 26th, 2018 in Cases