Hello, we are a small and flexible digital agency committed to providing the best digital presentation for our clients. We know how to create digital content that will benefit your business and your customers. We can provide integrated online strategies for you. We can come up with fresh, interesting ideas and solutions for your organization. We know how to build eye-catching, yet user friendly websites and engaging mobile applications. We can do things that will make your organization grow and your customers happy.

Meet the team

My name is Vanja Bjelić Pavlović and I run this small and agile agency. If you choose to work with us, I will be the one who will coordinate and manage your project. Luckily, I’m not alone ☺. I cooperate with versatile team of developers, designers, digital specialists and many other experts from the industry. This kind of business model gives us flexibility so we can adjust to any situation and respond to all your needs. Here are the people I cooperate closely with:

Robert Novak is a web designer and for the past decade he has been designing and developing internet projects, improving client online presence and helping them grow. Behind him there are over a hundred successful projects for small start-up companies all the way to large corporations. He runs his own web-design studio (www.artrevolt.hr). He is also a father, tennis player, traveler & few things more.

Branimir Šloser is a web developer with great experience and expertise. Since 2008. he’s been running his own company for web design and development (www.emusoft.hr). He is a creator and developer of Publiconn (www.publiconn.hr), a social network for public and private foundations and organizations. He is personally interested in the cultural and civil society sector.

Andrijana Švajcer is a web expert, WordPress developer and a great project manager. She brings to Jackie over 15 years’ commercial experience managing all technical, business and customer­-facing aspects of web development. Her specialities include e­commerce, information design and architecture, and user experience design. In summer months she runs her own, beautiful and cosy B&B place Pruga (www.apartments-pruga.com) in Lovrinići.